Our Apostle

The Honorable Apostle Dr. James Kennith Sayles was born October 9, 1969, in Houston, Texas. He is the third of five children born to Elder and Mrs. James L. Sayles. He was educated in the Houston public school system, and graduated from Sharpstown High School. Upon graduation, inspired by his love for medicine and business, and numerous titles and awards, he went on to University of Houston to study Pre-Med and Computer Science. While in college, he was united, in Holy Matrimony to Lisa Lafleur in 1989.

In the Year of Our Lord 1991, he received his call into the preaching ministry. He was licensed in 1991 and began preaching under Pastor L. Lafleur of the Good Hope Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, as an Associate Pastor for nearly eight years. After reaching maximum growth under Pastor Lafleur, he became an Associate Pastor at Joy Baptist Church under the leadership of Elder Louis P. Jolivette in the Year of Our Lord 1999. Approximately four years under the leadership of Elder Jolivette, Pastor Sayles realized that a change in ministry was needed to further fulfill the Apostolic purpose of his ministry; hence moving his ministry to the Non-Denominational faith; operating under Apostolic principles and began his first Apostolic pastorate at Sons of the Promise Church under the leadership of the Right Bishop Donald Wright. In 2004, he was declared, under the Spirit of our Lord, to the office of Bishop- Elect. In May of 2005, still under the leadership of Bishop Donald Wright, Bishop Sayles was consecrated to the Office of Pastor in the Lord’s Church by Chief Apostle David E. Martin RHEMA Fellowship of Dallas, Texas.  He continued to serve his church until starting James Sayles and True Charisma Ministries later in the year 2005, taking an outreach approach to this Apostolic Faith; preaching the Gospel of our Lord across domestic and international boundaries. In the year 2007, Bishop Sayles realized his purpose in Ministry is to be a Shepherd of Shepherds, under the direction of the True Shepherd-The Lord Jesus Christ. Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, he formed The Shepherd’s Tabernacle Apostolic Church (STAC); the Tabernacle where Pastors and laymen would come for ministerial support and spiritual covering. In August 2010, Bishop James Sayles was elevated to Arch-Bishop and received his Doctorate Degree in Theology and Divinity (DDiV). To further his holy calling, then Arch-Bishop was affirmed to the office of the Apostle in February, 2013. To date, Apostle Sayles has been very active in building fellowships of churches, directing and managing church business, developing and growing churches, equipping leaders with the fundamentals of church organization and marketing. His priorities, under the Great Commission, are changing the lives of and developing church leaders, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In fact, in March of 2013, Pastor Sayles consecrated his first Apostle and planted two churches in Africa. To bring integrity to the apostolic office, Apostle Sayles started the Joint Council of Apostles, Prophets, and Pastors, a governing body for affirming Episcopates to the Apostolic and Ecclesiastical Office.  

Aside from Apostle James Sayles’ Apostolic Ministry, he is a successful businessman. He is founder of one blessed Corporate Governance and Risk Management Consulting Firm, as well as his own Gospel Record Label. While working in Corporate America, he obtained his Master’s in International Business from Robert Kennedy University in Zurich, Switzerland. He is also an International Music Recording Artist.

Apostle James and Lady Lisa Sayles have been happily married for 27 years and are the parents of two children, Pastor Deqoure and Unicia Sayles; Father/Mother-n-Law, Grandparents of four, and Spiritual Grandparents, Father and Mother of many.