Computer Literacy and Technology Program

STAC will promote knowledge and use of information technology among underprivileged youths in the Alief-Houston community.  The overall goal is to empower at-risk youths with computer and IT literacy.

​The program targets at-risk youths, between the ages of 12-17 and from low-income families to the uses of the computer and to achieve computer literacy. Youths will meet in small groups once a week for each cycle, or ten sessions. Each ten-week cycle will consist of two 2-hour session per week. We will use professional resources from schools, commercial firms, and industry thought leader to assist the youths in learning how to operate computers, focusing on the creation of written documents and Internet activities. Additionally we will assist youths in the creation of PowerPoint decks, excel spreadsheets, newsletters, and other publications that is useful in enhancing the literacy levels of our youths.

The following courses will be offered as part of STAC’s Computer Literacy and College Prep Program:

  • Windows Operating System - This module discusses Windows X.X in detail. Students will become more familiar on the things they can do with Windows.  Keyboard shortcuts will be taught and how hardware and software is installed on the Windows Operating System.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Proficiency in Slides Presentation.   Full of exercises on creating slide presentations using PowerPoint. Students will learn how to create and format their own presentations as well as apply slide transitions and animations. Also includes step-by-step instructions on how to insert charts and graphics.
  • Microsoft ExcelProficiency in Electronic Spreadsheet.  Students will learn how to format cells, rows, and columns in a worksheet as well as how to graphically display data using charts. Creating new workbooks using templates is also discussed to help them save time by using preformatted documents.
  • Microsoft Word Proficiency in Word Processing.  Students will learn to work with documents like a professional, such as mail merge, creating documents and formatting documents, working with graphics, adjusting paragraphs, etc.
  • Microsoft Access Proficiency in Database Management.  This exercise helps students understand the theory of database management. Step-by-step instructions on how to create and design tables, forms, queries, and reports will be demonstrated. Introduction to VBA programming will be offered to advanced students.

  • College Planning and Selection
  • Financial Aide Strategies
  • Encouragement and Confidence
  • Coaching and Mentoring Throughout High School

College Preparation

The Shepherds Tabernacle Church’s College Preparation program provides college-planning and financial aid information to the Alief area youths due to its college participation rates. The goal is to raise the achievement of low-income and first-generation K-12 students and provide them with the opportunity to attend higher education. The program will also work with students to develop and maintain the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to successfully pursue and complete a postsecondary education. Services offered through this program will be: