Community and Life Services 

Similar to traditional community support centers, The Shepherds Tabernacle Church’s community and life support services will provide immediate, empathic support for those in our community.  We will institutionalize a drop-in strategy and 24-hour hotline and work to coordinate and deliver human services throughout Northwest Houston.  It is not the goal of our program to replace traditional community service centers but to augment and expand the reach to those relative to the Northwest Houston area.

Core Values

Empowerment: Through interaction and discussion, we work to provide multiple options for those seeking solutions to problems and encourage them to choose the options that best fit their abilities, beliefs and resources.

Public Stewards: We are committed to providing high quality, empathic services at the no cost to our residents. As a result, well-trained and committed volunteers represent the most valuable resource we provide to the community at large. To that end, our volunteers will receive extensive training, providing the majority of our direct services and assisting with program and resource development.

Intervention: If someone expresses a desire to hurt him/herself or others and demonstrates a willingness to follow through on that desire, we will involve appropriate crisis response personnel.

A brief synopsis of our services include:

  • Emotional and Crisis Support
  • Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programs and Referrals
  • Adult Health Awareness/ Promotion of Health and Well Being
  • Child and Adult Abuse Prevention and Intervention Services
  • Homeless Support and Sheltering/Transition Services
  • Family and Marriage Counseling Services
  • Teenage Pregnancy Counseling Program
  • Bill Payment Resource Management Assistance
  • Food/Clothing Pantry and Distribution
  • Continuing Education and College Preparation Strategies