Meet Our First Lady - Pastor Lisa Sayles

Lady Lisa Sayles labors along with her husband, the Apostle-Designate James K. Sayles at The Shepherd’s Tabernacle Fellowship of Churches headquartered in Houston, Texas.  She has been involved in Christian ministry all of her adult life and has served alongside her husband throughout their entire marriage of over 25 years.  

A woman of few words, the Elect Lady carries a charismatic anointing that can only be possess by a woman of great humility and truth.  She brings forth the spirit of youth and has the ability to reach men and women of all ages with apt and proficiency in order to augment as well as compliment their awesome ministry.  In addition to raising two of her own biological children, she mothers many in the spiritual by being a coach, motivator, counselor, chastiser, friend, and pastor.  Though this assignment is difficult at times, she still manages to complete the ultimate assignment as First Lady.

The heart of Pastor Lisa’s ministry is to admonish and motivate the women and children to allow Jesus Christ to be first priority in their lives. She assumes the important responsibility of assuming the Great Commission assignment and depositing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the lives of the unsaved. Lady Sayles stands on family principals and values and constantly reminds parents to never give up on their children, no matter what their have done.Sharing the vision and strategy of her husband’s ministry, Lady Lisa is viewed as the modeled Shepherd to Shepherds, families, youth and children.