Prison Outreach


STAC Incarceration Prevention and In-Prisoner Mentor Program (SIPIP) is a prevention and empowerment ministry seeking to change lives of adults and at-risk youth to further prevent incarceration and provide hope and encouragement to inmates through positive relationships with Jesus Christ and His Gospel.  We assist transitioning inmates with re-entry plans and support services in the areas of employment search, housing, mentoring, training, and spiritual counseling.  Additionally, SIPIP provides support to children of incarcerated parents so that they can cope and deal with the void of their parents through court sentencing. 

The goals of this program are:

  • Preventing youths and adults from going to prison
  • Preventing inmates from returning to prison
  • Provide a mentorship program for families and children of the incarcerated
  • Provide tools to assist inmates successfully re-enter to society and rebuild family relationships
  • Empower released inmates to be good law-abiding citizens again
  • Train and educate released inmates to obtain jobs

STAC Incarceration Prevention and In-Prison Mentor Program (F.R.E.E)

Program Description

STAC’s prison ministry and support programs are not just for the inmates, but their families as well.  We expose adults and at-risk youths to skills that can help them conquer the many obstacles that inhibit their ability to abstain from criminal mischief that results in incarceration.

Prevention:  From a prevention perspective, we integrate our programs above with crime prevention strategies to at-risk youths and adults.  This way, the youths and adults in the community eliminates the excuse to commit crimes to gain additional income or personal items.  We will educate and train disadvantaged residents and assist them in finding suitable employment.  Our programs also recruit residents to participate in prison ministry programs and activities so that a comprehensive understanding of the implications of crime is recognized.  We recruit mentors, counselors, and inmate visitors.

While the inmate is nearing release and once the inmate is released, we work with them to rebuild their lives to better cope and prepare for society.  The services include job skills training, education, job placement assistance, counseling, and mentoring and coaching.  From a spiritual perspective, we help, and in many cases, introduce the inmate to God so that a relationship and prayer life is achieved.

Inmate Mentorship:  The inmate mentorship program consists of our church clergy and lay staff visits to city, county, and state inmates on regular schedules.  We provide the inmate with a sense of family-style relationship, especially inmates with longer term sentences and when immediate or biological families have given up on them.  We ensure that inmates are properly cared for and have the necessities while incarcerated.  Our mentors take the time to write and pray for with assigned inmate so that encouragement is attained and a relationship with Jesus Christ is obtained. As part of our youth programs, we take the time to assist children and relatives of the incarcerated to write encouraging letters. At the time nearing transitioning or release, either home or temporary living, we work with the inmate in the areas of spirituality, morality, and character so that the risk of return is suppressed.  We assist the inmate with all the needs of successfully re-entering to society.

Incarcerated Family Support:  Receiving the news of jail or prison sentencing can be catastrophic for some, mainly the young and the elderly.  STAC’s incarcerated support services were designed to assist families to cope with the loss of husband, wife, son, daughter, or child as a result of incarceration.  We provide support from the time of sentencing, throughout time serving, to release.  We provide the following but are not limited to the following support services:

  • After Sentencing Support – We will provide a clergy member for court sentencing to care for children and the elderly by making sure they realize that church support is available
  • Child Mentorship – As long as a parent is incarcerated, we will mentor his or her children by extending our programs and services to them to help cope with the loss.  We will also assist with transportation for visitation and letter writing.
  • Correspondence:  We offer letter-writing services to the elderly and those incapable of writing to their incarcerated love ones.  We assist by crafting letters, providing postage stamps, paper, and envelopes.