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Youth Humanities and Arts 

The following programs and services are designed to mitigate the negative risks that our youths face day-to-day in Houston.  These programs and services focuses on increasing and expanding the intelligence of our youths, while giving them inspiration, character, and morals to be better adults.  We focus on the risks of gang involvement, high school drop-out, criminal mischief, and teenage pregnancy with a tradeoff of after-school programs, near-24 hour per day recreational program activities, sports programs, technology innovation, arts and humanity programs.  The purpose of these programs is to provide at-risk youths with activities that replace idleness and boredom on a consistent basis.  The program supports youths with the fostering of self esteem improvements, anti-gang involvement, education, childcare, leadership, and life skills development. Specifically, these programs include:

  • After-School Programs and Tutoring
  • Recreational Activities/Sports Leagues and Tournaments
  • College Preparation and Planning
  • Adulthood Transition and Planning
  • Anti-Gang/Drug Involvement
  • Mentorship Seminars and Strategies
  • Sex Abstinence and STD Awareness
  • Obesity and Healthy Life Campaigns
  • Summer Camps and Productive Community Services
  • Jobs and Career Development