Health and Awareness

The Shepherds Tabernacle Church’s Health and Awareness Program will help at-risk youth make good decisions about their health. Young adults face a great-risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C through drugs, risky self tattooing, and body piercing. Some youth do not have a complete understanding of how HIV and hepatitis C can affect their lives. This program can educate them and is needed.  More and more youth are being diagnosed with HIV and hepatitis C in our communities.Our target audience is youth between the ages of 13 and 17.

​The activities under this program are:

  • Hold quarterly workshops about the health risks of self‐piercing and self-tattooing and to teach safe practices. We will bring in health workers to deliver workshops along with specialists in tattooing and body piercing. The workshop will be one and a half days long and will be open to 50 at-risk youths from our community and held periodically throughout the year.
  • Develop public service announcements to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. The PSAs will be written by youth in the community and will air on the local radio station.
  • The youth will create a community play about HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C and the risks of self-tattooing and body piercing. Youth will be involved in writing the play, acting in the play and stage managing. This is a great way to engage youth developing something positive for the community.

STAC will host the workshop and help recruit participants, the local health center will provide support and workshop assistance.

The outcome of this program will yield increased knowledge to at-risk youths on how to help prevent the spread of new infections of HIV and hepatitis C.  They will also understand what life is like for people infected with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. This program will promote healthier living for youth and their families within our community. We expect the workshops, PSA announcements and the community plays will promote safe practices around tattoos and body piercing. We also expect that it will provide at-risk youth with much needed information about HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and other health related illnesses.

Other Health Awareness Services will be offered under this program to include:

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)
  • Abstinence
  • Drugs and Needle Sharing
  • Youth Eating Disorders and Obesity
  • Youth Alcoholism
  • Smoking and Nicotine
  • Mental Health Awareness

Potential partners: Community schools and Health Centers.

The church will host the workshops and help recruit participants, the health centers will provide support and workshop assistance. We will work with the schools to target at-risk youth.