Toneil Carter’s bright smile matches his positive attitude. And why shouldn’t he be thrilled, as the Langham Creek running back is one of Houston’s top football prospects for 2017 holding offers from a half-dozen BCS schools.

That’s what makes his story so staggering. A story that very few know and not one he likes to share.

As an infant, Toneil lived in a shotgun house with four other families. After his older sister was nearly sexually assaulted by someone in the house, mom Glenda Carter got her family out of a toxic situation and into a local shelter for a month. Then into government housing for five years in New Orleans’ Third Ward Fisher Projects. When everything seemed calm, in came the storm. Hurricane Katrina changed everything.

“I was out of town during the storm, but Toneil and our family were those people you saw on television in a boat trying to escape the flood at the time,” older brother Byron said. “The water was so high and everything was gone. “We grew up in the church and we tried to look at the storm from a spiritual aspect,” he said. “But everything you thought you had, was gone. You didn’t know if your friends or family were alive. There was a lot of emotional distress.”

Source: Vype Magazine